Climate, land and production for an excellent oil

Organic Minerva extra virgin olive oil releases all the smells and flavors of Sicily thanks to a careful latest generation cold extraction, through which the oil keeps all the organoleptic properties intact. The entire production chain is subjected to constant and complete control: the rigorous and careful selection of the olives, hand harvesting and cold pressing to preserve the aroma and color of the oil, up to storage and bottling. The entire production process is designed to preserve the raw material and produce a product capable of enhancing the taste and nutritional characteristics of Nocellar del Belice.


The strength of tradition, love for Sicily, a taste for innovation. The Calleri oil mill was born from the will of Salvatore Calleri to renew themselves and meet new challenges, always in the sign of respect for the environment, for the fruits of the earth and for the processing of quality raw materials.

Ours is a family story, with over 40 years of experience and a deep bond with the territory of the Iblei, in Palazzolo Acreide.
In 2017 the Calleri company decided to expand its business and its history, dedicating itself to olive growing, initially exploiting the olive trees already present on its land, to which it annexes, following the purchase of a new plot of land, 8 ha of olive grove of Cultivar Nocellara del Belice.

In 2018, placing trust and expectations in the path taken the previous year, the Calleri family is betting
on a greater area for olive groves and plans a new super-intensive plant of 32 ha.
In 2020, firmly believing in the success that the future would bring in this new business sector, the company builds a latest generation cold extraction oil mill.

Today, Frantoio Calleri produces the prized and refined, Minerva, extra virgin olive oil with organic certification.

Each drop brings well-being

The Mediterranean diet, declared by UNESCO “intangible cultural heritage of humanity”, recognizes in extra virgin olive oil a product that guarantees a contribution of elements that are of primary importance for the human body. The olive tree is one of the symbols of Sicily.

The culture of oil has marked generations of agricultural entrepreneurs and families because oil production is a passion, even more than a job, handed down from father to son.

Sicilian oil comes from a centuries-old tradition, still retains a quality and genuineness recognized throughout the world and makes Sicily one of the first regions of Italy for the production of olives and oil.

A journey through the 5 senses

The Nocellara del Belice olive is an Italian fruit and vegetable product with two protected designations of origin (PDO), it represents a very valuable cultivar and is, among the Sicilian indigenous varieties, probably one of the most esteemed ever.

The extra virgin olive oil from Oleificio Calleri, obtained by pressing these olives, thanks to its unique, intense and full-bodied taste, is perfect for enhancing the flavor of dishes, through an alchemy of fruity and aromatic scents.

It is genuine, healthy oil that is good for health, rich in polyphenols and vitamin E, with excellent antioxidant properties, which is highly digestible.

Minerva extra virgin olive oil is organic, certified, and 100% made in Sicily to bring the Sicilian sun to the table.

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